Ensuring the continuity of priesthood

Founded in 1889 by Jeanne Bigard (1858–1930), with the support of her mother Stéphanie, the Society’s mission is to support the formation of future priests, but also the one of deacons and members of a religious order within the developing Churches. The Society’s main concern is to ensure the formation of seminarians by providing financial assistance to seminaries in the the world's poorest dioceses.



How to support

There are many ways to support the Society of Saint Peter the Apostle (SSPA), but one of the most effective is the one that allows benefactors and benefactresses to establish a close relationship with the seminarians, a relationship that continues throughout their formation. These are the study grants. Parishes, communities, associations and families choose to “sponsor” a seminarian during his formation of five years.


The national office of the SSPA prepares a card on which you will find a photo of the seminarian, the name of his seminary and his country, the benefactor/benefactress address as well as a space reserved for donations. Every time he/she makes a donation, the benefactor/benefactress sends his/her card to the national office that records the information (signature and date). Without a doubt, it takes work, but at the same time, this card is a constant connection between the SSPA and the benefactors and benefactresses.

Types of grants

Whether it is a personal grant or a collective grant, both of them need a close collaboration with the rectors of the seminaries, because they have to send to the national offices that have asked them, and this, every year (with the necessary follow-up of the candidates that have left the seminary and the information regarding those who will be ordained as priests during the year), a photo of each seminarian, as well as a brief presentation of them.

Personal sponsorships

Those who will choose a personal grant will make an annual donation corresponding to the seminarian’s pension. They will receive “my seminarian’s card.” They could even correspond with him, through the national office of the SSPA. For more information, contact the person in charge of the personal grants:

Contact Mrs. Karen Rivas Monico

Collective sponsorships

Those who will choose a collective grant do not commit themselves either on the duration or a precise amount. These people do not correspond with the seminarian. For more information, contact the person in charge of the collective grants:

Contact Mrs. Karen Rivas Monico.

In both cases, clear rules that we commit ourselves to respect, on both sides, must set out guidelines for this exchange.

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